Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for April 2017: Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for April 2017: 

My Thoughts:

I just have to say what an immense blessing the priesthood is!! Just sitting here, I have been thinking about all of the ways my life has been enriched and blessed because the priesthood keys have been restored to the earth!

Everything that is done within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is by way of the priesthood. The power to organize this church and translate the Book of Mormon was done so through those keys and power restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

My own life was immediately blessed, by the priesthood. I was born into a family where, my parents were sealed in one of God's holy temples. Making it, so once I was born I was born in the covenant and sealed to them as a forever family.

My father holding the Melchizedek priesthood was able to give me a name and a blessing as a baby and preside over our home.

Then, when I turned eight years old I made the decision to join this church and again my father was able to use the priesthood which he had been ordained to use to baptize me and confirm me a member of the church.

Having been confirmed and given the great gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion has greatly blessed my life.

Throughout my membership in this church the blessings of the priesthood have been through every aspect of my life. I've grown to look forward to attending church, to be counseled and taught, as well as to renew my baptismal covenants, through partaking of the sacrament.

Another huge blessing and event in my life was making the ultimate oath and covenant with the Lord and my husband, as we were sealed and bound together for all eternity. 

This marriage and sealing covenant I take very seriously. It is what binds my husband and children to me. It blesses and strengthens my life.

Another place where I have felt the incredible blessings and power of the priesthood is as I have served in callings. When we are called of God and set apart, we are done so under the direction of the priesthood and by priesthood power and authority. 

I rely on that in my callings. Knowing that I can receive guidance and revelation for my calling and those I have stewardship over is huge!

I know that as we keep our covenants that we make with our Father in Heaven, our lives will be blessed. We will be able to have the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives and our lives will be enriched!

We can all be partakers of the priesthood as we make those sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father!


Sometimes it's fun to give our sisters something when we go and visit them! Here are some ideas:


Fits 3 x 5 notebook. Print out onto card stock and then glue to front cover of the notebook. Embellish with ribbon. This notebook could be where your sisters can keep a journal of the feelings they feel from serving in the temple and keeping their covenants.

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Really the most important thing is that your sisters know you care about them, that you are their friend :) If you'd like more Visiting Teaching Ideas follow my Visiting Teaching Pinterest Board

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