How the Tim Timmerman Movie Reminds us About HOPE and INTEGRITY: #TimTimmerman Movie Review

Want to know How the Tim Timmerman Movie Reminds us About HOPE and INTEGRITY and my take on the movie, read on...

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Last night, my hubby and I had the fun privileged of having the ultimate date night at the Movie Premiere for Tim Timmerman, Hope of America.

The premiere was crazy busy with so many people coming to see the movie and meet the actors. What a fun cast they are too!! 

So let's get to what you are really reading this post for... THE MOVIE!!

The setting... HIGH SCHOOL in the mid 90's. If you were in junior high, high school around this time in your lives, you will find a lot of the little details pretty funny in it! Like the CD disc-man being hooked up to the tape radio in the car and skipping! Who else remembers those days.

If you'd like to know more of what the movie Tim Timmerman is all about click here.

What the movie reminded me about HOPE...

Often throughout the movie the word hope kept being brought up. It's even in the movie title. So, why hope??  Hope is a desire for certain things to happen in our lives. Timmerman's hope was to go to Yale and live a life in politics.

Throughout the movie, his hope did not completely change, but the way he went about his hope and the reasoning behind his hope did change. 

Hope can be a very powerful thing it can a guiding force in our lives. It gives us something to set our goals to work towards and to set our sites on. In our own lives we should have hope. We should find good things to hope for.

What the movie reminding me about INTEGRITY...

Really integrity is everything!! Integrity or lack of integrity gives people a good sense of who you are. It determines how people look at you and how the know if they can have trust in you or not.

Timmerman at times had a lack in integrity. I remember squirming a little bit in the movie, thinking agh, that is definitely going to come back to bite him in the butt!

That is what happens when we choose things that are contrary to what we know is right, then we always have some kind of negative consequence that comes at us. Which sometimes those negative consequences are what we need to help us turn our lives around and get back to having integrity. Which Timmerman reminds us of! 

So would I recommend this movie?? Absolutely! It has it all, the comedy, the emotions and the life lessons!

In speaking with my hubby, we decided it would be a movie we could watch as a family. Though you will need to be the judge for your own family. It is rated PG-13. The rating probably comes because they do show a little drug paraphernalia, which does lead to some negative consequences. There is a make out scene and I heard one swear word, if we are being picky. 

VidAngel has picked this film up and it and it is their first major theatrical release.

This is an indie film so it is so important that you go see it this weekend!! As people flood the theaters this weekend, it will be able to be shown in more theaters and have more showings!

So, go see the movie!!! To see where the Tim Timmerman Movie is showing and to purchase tickets, click this link. Also for this opening weekend only (March 3-4, 2017) save $5 (at Megaplex Theater locations) when you purchase at this link. Use code TIMMERMAN at checkout!

If you've seen the movie, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below...

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  1. I loved this movie! It is a really great and funny movie! when I saw the movie there was a lot of times when everyone laughed! One of the best movies i have ever seen all year! Highly recommend! it should defiantly go world wide!

  2. So, why hope?? Hope is a desire for certain things to happen in our lives. Timmerman's hope was to go to Yale and live a life in


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