Back to School Handout & Gift Ideas for Young Women or Anyone else too

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One thing we love to do is give our young women a little handout to start their new school year out! These would even be fun to give your own kids or grandkids to wish them a great school year.

 Here is the handout that we gave our girls last year:

Click here for link to downloadable printable.

Here is the one we are giving our girls this year:

Here are some more ideas....

Lunch box notes:

If you have a kiddo who will be in seminary this year, there are so many products to help them study the New Testament!! Click picture below...

Thanks for stopping by, we hope some of these ideas are useful in helping your kiddos or young women start the school year off on a good note!


  1. These would even be fun to give your own kids or grand kids to wish them a great school year.

  2. We still have one left of back to school. But I am already thinking about BTS shopping and gifts.

  3. I love these thank you! How did you attach the gum and kisses to the paper without it falling off?

  4. THANK YOU! You have just made my life so much easier :)


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