Back to School Young Women Handout

As a Young Women board we really wanted to give our girls something before they went back to school. So one of our leaders came up with the wording and I turned her wonderful words into a

Here is the free printable: (click on the image and save it to your computer, then you can print it out)

We printed ours off on card stock.  I used a hot glue gun to glue everything on, which worked great for the gum, but not so great for the kisses. I had some fall off, so I ended up taping them back on :) Then we turned them into a little package, by folding the paper around the gum.

Here are the two ways you could use these:

For more fun BACK to SCHOOL handout/gift ideas and for this printable that is not YW leader specific, visit the following link: Back to school Love Notes


  1. These are awesome! I would love to use them just as a parent gift for my girls who go back to school next week. Thank you!

    1. Fun!! Great Idea :) Maybe I'll have to modify it and take off the "Your YW leaders", so it could be used for anyone :)

    2. I shared them onto my "Back to School Love Notes" post

    3. Great post thanks for sharing this information.

  2. These are amazing! I couldn't imagine anything better than to utilize them similarly as a parent present for my young ladies who return to class one week from now. Much obliged to you!


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