Visiting Teaching Ideas for April 2016: Daughters of Our Eternal Father

April 2016 Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message: 

My Thoughts:
As a young child, I remember fervently singing the primary song, "I am a Child of God". In primary and at home I was constantly reminded that I was child of a loving Heavenly Father. The Spirit testifying to me that the words I sung and the things taught to me of who I was and where I came from were true. 

When I moved onto Young Womens and entered the seminary program my testimony that I was a child of God grew even firmer and more specific. Each week I stood and repeated the Young Women Theme that stated, "WE ARE DAUGHTERS of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. "  Through participating in Personal Progress, my testimony of my divine nature and individual worth was strengthened. I was constantly being uplifted and strengthened in that knowledge.

As life goes, I grew up and graduated from Young Womens and entered Relief Society and began fulfilling callings.  That foundational knowledge that I built as a child and youth were essential in this part of my life. I must say that I missed the constant strengthening of the Personal Progress and Seminary Programs.  My testimony that I am a daughter of God, now began to be strengthened as I put the teachings I had received throughout my life into practice. 

PRAYER.... was, is and will always be essential. Having the knowledge that I am actually communicating with my Heavenly Father, helps in solidifying that I am his daughter. Wouldn't a loving father, desire to communicate with his daughter? Sometimes it takes work to not just go through the motions of prayer, but to sincerely lay your heart out before him and then to listen.  This is where hard times have been beneficial in building my testimony. It is when I am at that point where I know I can not do things on my own, where the burden is heavy, that I open my soul and plead for that strength that only he can give to me. In those moments, I have felt his love and have came to a greater knowledge that I am his daughter, that he loves me and he knows me. Not only that, but he wholeheartedly desires for my happiness and success. He knows my potential and is going to do anything and everything to help me to achieve that potential. 

What is amazingly wonderful is that he feels this same way about every single one of his children. Though his children are like the sand of the sea, he knows and loves every single one. He knows everything about us. He knows our heart, he knows what trials we experience, he knows what brings us joy. He understands when we feel inadequate or when we have lost sight of our true worth. He mourns with us when we have heartbreak and his joy in magnified in our joy. How and why does he care about these things?? Because he is our father, our Eternal Father!!

Gift Ideas:


Give the above printable with....

A small pot of flowers, vase of flowers or a single flower. 
A notebook to record Heavenly Father's daily hand in their lives. 

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  1. It's very comforting to me to know that He knows my thoughts, dreams and frustrations. We are never alone!

  2. I like your suggested add ons to go with this handout. It's a great quote to share with everyone.

    1. Thanks Camille! Such an important thing for each of us to know who we are :)

  3. This month's message was so great! Elder Holland's quote was great, and so true. Thanks for the beautiful printable. :)


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