Gift Ideas for Mom for Mother's Day

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We have many influences of amazing women in our lives. For a lot of us the first influence is that of our mom. At the age of 19, a year after she and my dad were married, I entered this world and made my mom a mom.  To say she has had an influence on me would be an understatement. This lady right here is the most selfless person you'll meet. We were so blessed to have her stay home with us, she coached our teams, helped at our schools, taught us the importance of the gospel both through word and action, she cheered us on in all aspects of our lives and gave us her unconditional love. What is great about Mother's Day is it is an opportunity to share with the women in our lives the gratitude we have for the influences they have had on us.


Below are some ways we can show this love and appreciation to those who often give so much of themselves never expecting anything in return, and they do so selflessly and quietly.


One of the most specially things I have received was a card from my husband sharing with me the many reasons why he loves me. Even thinking about this card bring tears to my eyes. Expressing our to sincere thoughts and feelings written in a card can be an amazing keepsake. You know women we love the gushy stuff. 

Make it:

Card stock is your friend when it comes to making cards!! Here is a fun card that anyone could make.
(If you'd like the printable for this card, click here or you could draw your own pot and write your own wordage or use brown paper to make the pot.)

Print it:

Don't want to make it, that is completely okay!! Check out these super cute cards that are ready to print, click the image above for the Free Printable Mother's Day Cards.

Gift Ideas

Yes mom's  like to receive presents too!! Here are some ideas she would love....


These crochet bracelets are so easy to make and you could make them to coordinate with any of mom's outfits! For the tutorial click here


One thing I love to give my mom for mother's day is flowers. Usually flowers that I help her plant in pots or in her yard. Then she will be able to enjoy them all spring and summer long. (For the fun little tag click here)

Clothes, Accessories and Art

Have you seen the super stylish temple bags at If you haven't click the image above or click this link to go and check them out!! They are so cute!! There are so many gift ideas for mom on their site. Anything from clothing, to gorgeous pictures, jewelry and books. So much to choose from, I love all of the gorgeous art myself.


Whatever you choose make sure it comes from the heart! As a mom, I can say that is what matters most. Ya, a new outfit would be fabulous, but a hug and a kiss from my kiddos and a homemade card is just if good!

Check out this video all about mom

Tell me what are your plans for mom this Mother's Day??? Hashtag #ItWasMom


  1. Yes, I'm a big fan of the new temple bag. So cute! I forgot about your bracelets- I need to make those.

  2. What a special tribute I'm so blessed to have you as my daughter!!!love you!

  3. Great list of ideas, Kim! My daughter would love to make some of those bracelets. :)

    1. Thanks Sheena! The bracelets are so easy! I taught some girls ranging from 8-11 how to make them by finger crocheting! They were so proud of their bracelets when they were done. :)

  4. Jewelry pieces such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings can make excellent Mother's Day gifts. Thanks that you included them in your list..


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