My Review of "Once I Was a Beehive", Loved IT!!

Disclaimer: I did receive some money toward tickets to review this film. All opinions are still 100 percent my own. Click here to view the full disclosure.

A theater full of giggling girls, the fragrant smell of buttered popcorn in the air and a nice cold Pina Colada Slurpee in my hand, what a great way to spend a night. What made it even better was the film we watched.

We brought 22 girls and leaders with us to the movie theater, in anticipation of the film, "Once I was a Beehive". The film is directed and written by .  Maclain and his cast did a fabulous job on this movie.  There were times that the theater was roaring with laughter, myself included. At other times there was not a dry eye. I felt like a roller coaster of emotions.  As a young women leader I loved how it showed so many personality traits of the young women.  I don't want to be a spoiler of the movie, so I won't share any specific details.  Just know that this movie can relate on so many different levels. 

As we were leaving the theater I asked our girls if they enjoyed the film, every single one said they did. Many of them couldn't even pick out a favorite part because they loved the whole thing.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants a good laugh as well as feel the spirit, go and view this film! Great news if you do live in Utah the film has been extended in theaters through Labor Day! Please click here for Theater Locations. If you live outside of Utah you can also "demand Beehive" come to your city at that same link.  If you don't have the opportunity to view it in the theaters, then definitely watch it when the DVD comes out.  It's such a fun idea for a mutual activity.

If you loved the movie, in particular the amazing camp song featured on it click here for a free mp3 download of the song: Girls Camp Movie Song.  

Thank you to everyone involved in creating this film!!

Here is the Trailer:

Want more??? How about a fun printable...

For Free Download click HERE!

The fun little graphics at the bottom can be used to make little magnets. All you need is some little glass pebbles (I purchase a bag at the dollar store), some magnets and some glue.  Cut the image down to the size of the glass pebble, glue it on with either modge podge or good old white glue.  When dry, hot glue on the magnet. 

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