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In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members are called by God to serve in a particular calling.  A calling is a position in the church, it can be a teacher, a leader, it can involve leading the music, or teaching a group of children. In all callings we are serving not only each other, but also our Heavenly Father. That is what I love about callings, is that I can serve my Heavenly Father and grow closer to him as I serve others.

In my life, most of my callings have been in the Primary Organization. Which is the organization for the children of the church.  I have served as a teacher, as an activity day leader and in multiple leadership/presidency positions.  The most current calling was that of being the Primary President. This calling is one that I grew so immensely spiritually. I loved going each week to teach the children and share in their testimonies. Man those children have some amazing testimonies!  Call me crazy but I loved and looked forward to attending meetings, when there was an upcoming Round Table, Ward Council or Leadership training I was so excited because it meant I was going to be uplifted spiritually!!

While serving as primary president, I knew that I would not be in the calling forever (even though I totally would have, it was great!). I knew that there would be a day that I would receive a phone call telling me that a member of the bishopric would need to speak with me. I knew that I would one day have to say good bye to those beautiful little children and serve elsewhere. I knew all of this would happen, but I was not prepared for it.

When the call came, I was nervous. I did not know if I was being released or what was going on. Then, as I thought that I might be being extended a release I was nervous about what my new calling would be.  That is the worst part, the time between when you receive a call asking that you meet with the bishopric and the time you actually meet with them. The time came and me and my husband entered the bishop's office. At that time I was extended a release and then asked to serve another calling.  To be honest, I was extremely excited as they extended a call for me to work in the Young Women's Presidency. Up to this point I had not had the opportunity to do so. I love the Young Women, I love the program,  and I remember and love the memories I created at that time in my life.  I know with every fiber of my heart that the callings that we receive are from God, they are what we need at that time in our lives, they are things that will help us to continue to learn and grow. Sometimes, it is that someone needs us in that calling, to be an important part in their life and other times, it is just plainly that it is what we need. But most of the time it is a combination of the two.

The months preceding my call I had thoughts about the youth, about teaching them, I had that desire placed in my heart. The week prior to my calling, I watched the beautiful Young Women in our ward present a beautiful sacrament meeting program. I remember looking at them and thinking what remarkable young women they are!  I was filled with excitement as well as a being little nervous. Young Women is all new to me. I have not been in Young Women since I was one myself.  I also, hoped that the girls would like me :).

So, as I sat in the bishop's office I was a mix of emotions, excitement for my new calling. But, also sadness for leaving my old calling. It didn't really hit me until a couple days later. It was at night when I should have been sleeping that it really hit me. I realized that this next Sunday would be filled with a bunch of lasts. The last time in the primary room with those precious little children, the last time attending ward council, and the last time working with the wonderful leaders and teachers. I thought about how it all would be made final in sacrament meeting when the congregation would raise their right hand extending a vote of thanks. But as these thoughts circled around in my head I also had the exhilarating thoughts of my new calling and the young women that I would be able to grow spiritually with.  As I thought of the young women and the upcoming year I really became filled with excitement.  I know that this is the thing right now in my life that I need to help me progress. Hopefully, I can also, help with the progression of these young women that we can work together and bless each others lives.

Today, was the day. The day I said my goodbyes to the children as their primary president, my last day of ward council, the last day serving with my wonderful presidency, leaders and teachers. It is sad to say goodbye! But as I listened in sacrament meeting to who the new primary presidency would be and as I stood to be sustained in my new calling. My feelings of sadness were replaced with those of excitement. Excitement for the new primary president. I am so excited for her and the wonderful experiences she is about to have. Excitement for the new group of wonderful women I am going to be able to work with and the beautiful young women we are going to be able to advise. Life is full of changes, these changes help us to reach our potential. It is like puzzle, when each piece is put together you are left with a beautiful picture. Same with our lives, each new experience is like a piece to the puzzle. When experienced it helps in creating the beautiful masterpiece of what we are to be.

If anyone wants to listen to an inspiring talk about callings, here it is: Rise to Your Call. I listened to this talk, just before posting this post! What a great talk.


  1. I'm so very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all you teach me. Lots of love to my beautiful daughter!

    1. Thank you, mom. Thank you for all you taught me and for all of your love and support!!

  2. NO!!! I am excited for you and your new calling. The girls are going to love you!! BUT, I will so miss all your wonderful sharing time ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. Good luck with new adventure.

    1. Thanks LDVinyl :) I have decided that I am still going to post my sharing time outlines and ideas for primary as well now as all of the fun stuff for Young Womens ;)


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