DIY: Toilet Paper Pumpkin and Bean Napkin Ring

Some more fall/Thanksgiving crafts to add to the list.  Years ago my family got  together and made some pumpkins using toilet paper as the stuffing.  The fabric we used was orange and pumkiny. This year I really wanted to make one that was more neutral and I love how it turned out! Here is what you will need and what you will need to do:

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Gather these items:  A full roll of Toilet Paper.  Your choice of fabric. A wooden dowel or stick. Some wire. Your choice of ribbon, one for the bow and a greenish color for leaf accent. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks, some scissors and needle nose pliers. For the tag you will need a cereal box, string, hole punch, pen, glue stick and a stapler.

Steps to take to make the pumpkin:  Cut fabric big enough that you can pull up all corners and tuck it into the roll part of the pumpkin, it should be square in shape.  Place the toilet paper roll in the center of the fabric. Start with one corner, pull it up and place it inside of the roll (the hole in the middle of the toilet paper). Grab the next corner and pull it up and place it inside of the roll, then then next and the next. With hot glue place a little glue on the inside edge of the last corner before you place it in the roll.  Cut a stick or dowel 3 to 4 inches long. Place some hot glue along the outside of the stick towards the bottom, then place it into the center of the roll. Pulling the fabric up around it to cover the glue.  Then you can fluff the fabric out a little, by lightly tugging.  Next, cut some green ribbon, fold it in half. I used a wooden skewer and placed that inside of the ribbon to make the fold of the ribbon form a point, so I could place some glue on the end and stick near the stem of the pumpkin. Then I pulled the skewer out.  Using the other ribbon tie a bow and glue it near the other side of the stem.  Next cut some wire and with pliers make it curl. Then glue into place.  I did this twice, one on each side. The last thing I did was made a little tag, I did this by cutting up a cereal box and folding it in half so both sides would have the cardboard look. I then glued the inside together with a glue stick.  With a facial sponge and some distressing ink I distressed the edges. Then I wrote "Give Thanks" on a piece of card stock, distressed the edges and stapled it in place. I punched a little hole for the string to go through and attached it onto the pumpkin.

Napkin Ring:

I really wanted to make something out of beans and a paper towel roll. This napkin ring turned out to be the thing I made.  Begin, by cutting the paper towel roll or TP roll.  Then, decide on the pattern you would like to have on the ring.  I had white beans and red beans and made up the pattern as I went. I started with the white and glued them on with a low temp glue gun.  Then I did two rolls of red beans placed sideways, then ended it with the white beans.  It only took me 10 minutes to make a ring, not much time for some original napkin rings that would look great at any Thanksgiving place setting. 

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