November 2014 Visiting Teaching Message: "Sharing Your Light" By: Neill F. Marriott (General Women's Conference)

November 2014 Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message: 

November's Visiting Teaching Message can be any of the talks given at General Conference.  It is always so hard for me to choose, because I love each of the talks.  I decided that I would choose one from the General Women's Conference. As I was choosing which one to give, I decided on this talk by Sister Marriott. 

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My Thoughts:
For me, this talk given by Sister Marriott was very uplifting. I think as women we have the desire to help and uplift others. What we need to realize that there are two parts to the equation. First growing our own personal light and then helping others grow theirs.  It is by living a consistent life of following the gospel principles, such as daily scripture study, daily communication with our Heavenly Father and striving to follow in the footsteps of the Savior that we can grow the embers of our testimonies into a bonfire of light for others to follow.  I love the quote by President Monson, 
"If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself."  
When we do glow ourselves we can be an immense influence and help to those around us.  Just as a smile is contagious so is living a life that radiates virtue.  Our Savior was a perfect example of the influence of light. People were drawn to him, they desired to be near him, to learn of him, to follow him.  It is because he was constantly doing his Father's will. I hope that we can be as the Savior, a beacon of light in a world full of darkness.

Gift Idea:

Recycled Jar Luminary
I used a large baby food jar. I cut some pumpkins out of some labels. Then placed them randomly on the jar. Then I used some Frosted Glass Spray Paint (I purchased mine at Walmart for under $4). This stuff is pretty neat, I have some ideas brewing for other projects using this stuff.  I put the jar in a box, opening side down. Then I spayed the jar. It is clear at first, but when it dries it turns frosted. Then I pealed the stickers (labels) off and it left those spots clear. Next I wrapped some jute around the top part of the jar, gluing in place. Lastly add the tag and a little candle.  It goes great with the message!

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