LDS Come Follow Me Lesson and Mutual Ideas November: Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance

For November the topic for "Come Follow Me" is,

Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance

 Here are the links to each organizations page for the month: Young WomenAaronic PriesthoodSunday School

Since, each organization has their own outlines and each lesson will need to be specified to the individual class members and there are already amazing outlines that can be used for guidance, I am only going to share some general ideas that can just be used as supplements.  The great thing about this program is to allow the spirit to guide you to the needs of the youth in your class. Prepare before hand, Pray for guidance, Listen to the Promptings of the Spirit and invite the youth to do the same. 

Here is the Scripture for the month:

“The power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves” (D&C 58:28).

Lesson Ideas: There are so many topics to choose from this month. I am just giving supplemental ideas to a few of them. Please refer to the church's website for the wonderful outlines they have for all of the topics, see links below. A great idea to begin each lesson is to invite each class member to come with a scripture or spiritual thought to share with the rest of the class.  (When I was a youth we did this in one of my classes, it is a class I loved to attend and had the most participation in it.)

Aaronic Priesthood: (See ideas above under Young Women)

Sunday School

Idea's for Mutual:Here is a link to the Youth Activities Planning Site. *** This site is amazing! We recently had a short little training on this site at one of our Round Tables. It is a great resource for planning activities. It will only continue to grow as wards submit more ideas. One really need thing about it is it can link the activities right into your stake or ward calendars. ***

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  1. Love these ideas - very helpful & unique! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for the extra teaching ideas! Sometimes I don't find what I'm looking for in the outline.

    1. It's always great to see ideas to get inspiration off of :)

  3. Amazing! You have put so much work into this--it is a fantastic resource! Wish I was in YW right now! I love the scripture--the more self-reliant we are, or the more we are agents unto ourselves in all of these aspects--financially, health-wise, in our education--the more power we have, and the more we are able to serve the Lord and His children. Thank you for sharing this. A great reminder for me personally.


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