Gobble, Gobble, Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath!

Yes, this time I finished my little turkeys to put on the wreath with time to spare. I wanted to share the printable that I used for the template for my turkeys and also, how I used a cereal box to make these cute little gobblers.
First, here is the printable:

So, what I did was print, this printable on card stock. Then, I cut out one of the turkeys and one of the hats. The other two can be saved, or let your kids color and create :).  After they are cut out, place them on a cereal box. You know, after you've eaten all of the cereal and all you have left is the box, you would normally toss in the recycle bin, well don't toss it. Save it for this project. Disassemble the box, so it lays flat. I trace my stuff on the brown cardboardy side. Trace the out side of the turkey and then trace the hat. Do this for as many turkeys as you are going to make. Next, cut off the feathers of your card stock pattern turkey so it is a round circle. Trace that onto the cereal box, for as many turkeys you are going to have. Then, cut out the head part of the turkey out of the card stock pattern, it's kind of an oval shape. Trace it onto the cereal box, for as many turkeys you are going to have.  Then, cut out the beak and the snood (the little red thing that hangs by the turkeys beak) out of the card stock. Trace these onto the cereal box, for as many turkeys you are going to make. Now, cut all of the pieces out of the cereal box.

 Now comes the fun part, at least I think so any ways, the PAINTING!  I use one color and paint everything that has that color on it, before moving to the next color, than I don't have to clean my brush as often.  It is easiest if you pain the card board side of the cut outs not the shiny side with writing. I began with yellow.  With a paint brush I painted all of the beaks yellow, then I painted all of the feathers I wanted yellow. Notice you do not have to paint the whole back piece because it will be covered by the round piece.  After painting the yellow, I cleaned my brush and I moved onto the green feathers. Then, I cleaned my brush and loaded it with some red. I painted all of the snoods (remember they are the little red things that hang by the beak :)), red. I also painted some feathers red.  Then, after cleaning my brush I used orange and finished up painting the feathers.  Clean brush again and load it with some black paint and paint the hats black.  Now, for the body of the turkey and the head I did not us a paint brush, nope instead I dug into my cleaning supplies and found a sponge. I cut it into a 1 inch square. I then dabbed it into some brown paint and started pouncing it onto the body and the head part of the turkeys, this gives it more of a textured look.  For the heads I wanted a little bit of a darker look around the edges, so I used a darker brown and the sponge and lightly sponged around the edges.  After every thing dries it is time for assembly.

To assemble these little turkeys I used two types of glue. Really, you could just use craft glue for everything, but I really didn't want to go down into my craft room to get some, so I used what I had close. I used good old white school glue to glue the round body onto the feathers. To keep them together until they dried I placed some wax paper over them and then placed a cutting board on top (the heavy cutting board applied the pressure needed to hold them together).  When that was dried I used a glue stick, yep just like arts and crafts in kindergarten. I glued the beaks and then then snoods on, then the hats on and then I glued the whole head with the hat onto the body. I placed the wax paper and the cutting board, back on top, to make sure they would stick together.  After a few minutes of drying it was time to embelish these cuties!  First, came the stripes on the feathers. I used a paint called "goose feather" and a very thin brush to paint the lines on the turkey feathers. Then I dotted the black eyes on with this little wooden dowel I have, it was the perfect size. I also used that same wood dowel to dot on the five dots of the flower on the hat and the center. Last was the little white accents. The eyes I used a bobby bin, that I had pulled apart. The little nobby end of the bobby pin was perfect. Everything else I used a very thin paint brush and dabbed it in some white and made some little dots on the beak, the snood, and the flowers. Painting done, just spray with some clear coat matte spray.

I made my turkeys to go on my wreath. So I punched little wholes in them for the twine to go through to tie them onto my wreath. If you are using the turkeys for another purpose you could tie a cute bow and hot glue it onto the turkey.  Some other fun things to do with these turkeys could be: Place setting cards, they could be clued onto a little nut container, they could be a fun little craft and decoration for the kiddos either at school or at home, the possibilities are endless...  Hope you enjoy these cute little turkeys and while you are at it think of something you are grateful for today :)  I you happen to use this pattern to make some turkeys I would love to see them, e-mail me a picture of post a link in the comments!!

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