Reader Feedback...Short posts or Full page posts on the Homepage???

I thought I would try something new on my Homepage. Instead of having my full post, which I have 7 posts that stay on my homepage and take quite a bit of time at times to load. I decided to try just posting the first paragraph with a "Read More" button to click to view the full post.

This is where I need your help.  Please let me know which way you prefer. I would love your input, so I can make this site more user and reader friendly.

Thank you so much for reading my posts and leaving amazing comments!  The comments are what keeps the posts coming.


  1. Doesn't make a difference to me...if I like a blog I don't care. : ) thanks for yours!

  2. I like the shorter posts better. :) Thank you so much for your hard work!

    1. Thanks Heidi for your comment and feedback! It helps a ton :)


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