2014 LDS Primary Program Song Review Printable

My music leader is vacationing, as well as everyone she called to sub. So, I told her I would go ahead and just do singing time for her. It is getting close to program time, so I thought I would do something having to do with building our eternal family, since the theme is "Families Are Forever".

Here is the pdf to the printable I am using.  It is a home.

You will need to cut on all of the black lines.  The first 4 pages are the actual home. If you cut on the black line, or just outside of it, you should be able to connect them together as a home. The other pages are all of the stuff that goes on the home, the roof, the window, a heart and the door.  Written on them are all things we can do to have a happy home (I actually did a smaller version of this for a talk that one of my sons gave this year in primary).  The idea is to have all of the pictures scattered on the board, on the floor or around the room.  Have the song and page number of the songs you would like to review written on the back.  We are going to have 9 songs in our program so it works out great to have the nine pieces.

Invite a primary child to find one of the main parts of the house. Read the song and page number and let them place it on the board to build the house.  Sing the song as a primary.  A fun thing to do is to see which class sing has every child singing the words gets have have their primary teacher where a goofy hat or sunglasses. The kids love it and sing their little hearts out!  Invite another child to pick another main part. Read the song and number. Have them build that piece onto the first and then sing the song.  Continue inviting the children up having them pick a piece and build upon the house and sing the songs.


  1. I love this idea! thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thanks Brooke. I did this with our primary kids and they sang the songs amazingly! It really got them singing. I also brought a little construction hard hat and I wore a workshop apron. I told them that throughout the year we have been learning songs for the program. I asked them if they remembered the primary theme for the year. I asked them to help me build our "Families Are Forever" house, by singing the songs we have learned throughout the year. I then told them I was going to have some of the kids help me build the house. I was going to be looking for the class that had everyone singing and I was going to choose one kid from that class that sang extra good to come help me build the next piece onto the house. I seriously, have never heard them sing so well and loud, it had every kid singing. Hope it works well for you too :)

  3. You are a saint, thank you so much!!


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