LDS Primary Sharing Time July 2014 Week 4: I can know the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost.

July 2014 Sharing Time Topic: We Become Members of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation

July 2014 Scripture: “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” (John 3:5). 

July 2014  Week 4 Topic:  I can know the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Prayerfully study and think about what the specific needs of your primary are and how you can teach them this doctrine.  

Items to gather: Bean bag

Prepare: Print and cut out printables below, Gather pictures of Ear, Mind, and Heart.

Free Printables: (Printing Tip: Click on image to open and then save image to your computer.  You can then print the image from your computer.

**NEW** PDF Printable Download: July 2014 LDS Sharing Time Ideas for Week 4

Sharing Time Instruction:
Begin Sharing Time by having the light bulb statements on the floor and write the words Truth and False on the board. Invite a child to come up and toss a bean bag onto one of the light bulbs. Have them pick that light bulb up and read the statement on the back to the rest of the primary children. Invite the primary children to stand up if they think that statement is true. If it is true have the child place the light bulb onto the board under the word "Truth". If it is false have them place the light bulb onto the board under the word "False".  Continue until all of the light bulbs are on the board. 

Ask the children how they knew the statements were true?  Thank them for their answers. Explain to the children that there is another way we can know the truth of things.  It is through the power of the Holy Ghost. Invite the children to repeat "I can know the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost."  Read: Moroni 10:5- "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

Ask the children what ways the Holy Ghost can let us know if something is true?  Answers: We can HEAR the Spirit's voice. We can FEEL him speak in our MIND (a thought comes to our mind). Or we can FEEL him speak in our HEART (warm, peaceful feeling).

Place a Heart, a Mind and an Ear picture on the board.  Senior Primary: Invite a child to come up and read one of the following scriptures (see scripture cards above).

Ask the primary children if this scripture talks about Hearing the spirit's voice, feeling him in our Mind or feeling him in our Heart. Wright the key words under the coordinating picture. See Examples below.

 D&C 11:13: "Enlighten your mind"-Mind Picture, "fill your soul with joy"-Heart Picture

 Helaman 5:45: "enter into their hearts"- Heart Picture

 D&C 8:2: "tell you in your mind"-Mind Picture, "in your heart"- Heart Picture

 Helaman 5:46–47: "there came a voice unto them"- Ear Picture

For Junior Primary: Read one of the scriptures from the scripture cards above.  Invite the children after you read the scripture to either point to their forehead if the scripture talks about us feeling the spirit speak to us in our minds, or point to their ears if it talks about the hearing the spirit's voice, or have them point to their hearts if it talks about feeling the spirit speak to us in our heart.

Share an experience where you have either felt or heard the spirit testify the truth of something to you. Ask the children if they would also like to share an experience. Thank them for their participation.

Close by sharing your testimony on the weeks topic.

Click this link for past Sharing Time post: LDS Primary Sharing Time Ideas 

***Basic ideas for this sharing time came from the 2014 Sharing Time Outline, you can find a link here: 2014 Sharing Time Outline.


  1. This is a wonderful addition to the sharing time lesson suggestions from the church.
    I love your blog and am thankful for all the time you spend compiling these lessons and activities.

  2. Thank you so much for your ideas! They are perfect week after week! I appreciate you.

  3. I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put in posting all these awesome ideas. It truly is such a blessing in my life:) They are all cute and great ideas I can use for our HUGE primary:) Crystal

  4. Thank you for helping me with my sharing time! I appreciate the time you put in to it and also the fact that you share.

  5. What wonderful ideas you come up with to help those of us (me!) that need a little extra help adapting the church provided sharing time ideas. Sometimes I just need an extra activity or something more age-appropriate depending on if it's for senior or junior primary. I always find the perfect addition to my sharing times. THANK YOU for the time you take to post these. They truly are useful and so much fun.

  6. Betsy Sue, Crystal, Amy and Kimvee- I just have to say thank you so much for your wonderful comments!! Your comments help me to know that the time spent posting these ideas is well forth it! :)


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