Family Home Evening on July 2014 Primary Theme: We Become Members of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation

I hope and pray that you can use these ideas as a guideline and adjust them to the needs of your own specific family.  Our prophet President Monson says, "We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. It can bring spiritual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest."  On there are resources available in helping to make your Family Home Evenings successful, here is a link to that site on Family Home Evenings.

For tonight's Family Home Evening the topic in which I have chosen is:  We Become Members of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation

Preparation: Print out Covenant printable & Print out game pieces for Memory. Prepare a treat for at the end of the lesson.  

Welcome everyone to Family Night

Sing"When Jesus Christ Was Baptized"  Children's Song Book Pg 102

Have a member of the family member say the prayer

Discuss any family business

Follow-up with last weeks FHE.

Introduce this weeks Topic:  We Become Members of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation

Scripture: Read and Mark: Matthew 3:13-17

Article of Faith: #7"We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth." (Pearl of Great Price)

Family Home Evening Instruction:

Begin family home evening by inviting family members to make a promise. Tell them that if they promise to sit through the family home evening, pay attention and participate, then at the end of the family home evening you will have a treat for each of them.  Ask your family what it means when there is a two way promise?  Answer: a covenant.  

Explain that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is exactly what the name says. It is Christ's church, he is at the head of the church. Ask you family members how a person becomes a member of the church? Answer: Through baptism and confirmation. 
Explain that when we are baptized and confirmed we make a covenant with our Heavenly Father. Using the printable below have the two pieces of paper that look like sticks and the word covenant. Place the one that has "My Promise" down and then "Heavenly Father's Promise". Place the word covenant in the middle, binding the two sticks together.  Explain that we when keep our promise than Heavenly Father is bound by the covenant to keep his.  But if we do not keep our promise, than Heavenly Father does not have to keep his because the covenant has been broken. Pull the sticks apart to show that he is not bound. 

Invite your family member's to play a game with you to review and learn about baptism and confirmation.

Game: Memory- Place cards face down either on the floor or table or they could be taped onto a board.  Invite one family member at a time to try and find two cards that match. If they pick two cards and they do not match, they need to turn the cards face down again and it is another family member's turn.  If they pick two cards and they are a match, you will then ask that family member the question that goes with the picture, about baptism or confirmation. 

Cards and Question:
The number 8: A person has to be at least how old before they can be baptized? Why? (Answer: A person has to be at least eight years old before they can be baptized. Because that is the age of accountability.)

Baptism Picture:  What priesthood must a man be ordained with to baptize someone a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? (Answer:  A man must be a worthy Aaronic Priesthood or Melchizedek Priesthood holder to perform the baptism.)

Confirmation Picture: What priesthood must a man be ordained with to confirm someone a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? (Answer: A man must be a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder to perform the confirmation)

Water/Immersion: How should someone be baptized? (Answer: By Immersion. They will need to go completely under the water) 

Commandments: What do we promise Heavenly Father when we are baptized? (Answer: That we will keep his commandments, think about Jesus and take his name upon us)

Holy Ghost: What does Heavenly Father promise us when we are baptized? (Answer: Heavenly Father promises us that if we keep our promise that we will have his spirit to be with us.)

Thank everyone for participating. If everyone kept their promise then explain that after the prayer you will have a treat to share with them.

Invite family members to bear their testimonies about the blessing that come from being baptized and confirmed member's of Christ's church. 

Close with a Family Prayer.

Treat Time!!!  Treat Ideas: Cookies, Cobbler, Berry Crisp, Fruit Kabobs with dip, etc.

Free Printables: Best way to print printables is to click on the image and save it to your computer. You will then be able to print the image from your computer.

 Memory Game Cards

For More Family Home Evening Ideas Click this Link: Family Home Evening Ideas


  1. Thanks very much for this, hoping it will be helpful for tonight! Always helpful for my boys when there's a game involved!

    1. I know Kristina!! I have three of them ;) Hope it went well, thanks so much for the comment :)

  2. Thank you so much for this. I love it! I'll be teaching it tonight as my boy will be baptised this weekened.

    1. What an exciting time!! They really did help in preparing my kiddo for his baptism. Thank you so much for your comment. Hope his baptism day is extra special :)


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