Spiritual Journal Entry #3: Grateful for the Responsibilities of Parents!

This weekend I was able to attend five baptisms of some of our primary children. As each one entered the church house you could see the excitement on their faces. It was fun to see the excitement of the families and the amazing support they had. These parents were fulfilling their responsibility of teaching their children the importance of the baptismal ordinance. As each child entered the water and was baptized by their family member who held the Aaronic Priesthood, I was so happy for them and the important decision they made. I felt the spirit, as these same children where surrounded by Melchizedek priesthood holders and were confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. What a special gift our Father in Heaven gives us!  It is so true, that once you are baptized and confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost, you are changed forever.

Last night, as we held our Family Home Evening, I was so grateful that I was able to have that special experience with my children. As we talked about the Savior and how they felt as they watched the video of the atonement and Crucifixion and then their feelings as they saw that he was resurrected.  I was grateful to be able to share my testimony with my children about the Savior and all that he did for us.

At one point my 10 year old had mentioned that he didn't think that he had a testimony, because he had never stood and bore his testimony.  I was able to ask him some questions about what he believes to be true. I explained that for each one of those things he believed to be true that he had a testimony of those things.  What a wonderful experience to be able to help my children understand that they do have testimonies and what a testimony is. I am so grateful that I have the responsibility to teach my children the gospel, what amazing experiences come from doing this!!

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