Pinewood Derby Time!! We raced a 2005 Ford Mustang GT...

This was my son's final pinewood derby. I didn't realize this until the race was all over and we returned home. It will not be our last derby as a family though, with two more boys coming up quickly.  Here are the pics of THE CAR:

After our son choose his car, we used the standard Pinewood derby car kit and my husband, with help from my son cut drew the design onto the block of wood and then used a ban saw to cut it out. Then there was some dremel tool use and lots of sanding.

Then came the paint job...this part was left up to me. We are procrastinators, time was running out, so I did this after my son already went to bed.  I used two different colors for the base coat, a darker maroonish red and then a cherry red. Then I drew all of the details on with a pencil and started painting away.  The flames are yellow with white highlights. The window are painted black and then I used some diamond glaze to give them some dimension.  My husband wanted the rims painted, I think it added some character to the car.  After all the painting was completed, it was sprayed with a top coat.  My son loved it!  It was't the fastest car on the track, but at least it raised in style, right?  These pics were taken after the race, as you can see the graphite dirtied up the paint job a little.

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