Traps, Tricks and Treasures! St. Patty's Day Fun.

This year for our leprechaun trap we decided to make a pot of gold.  To do this, we used an empty cylinder container (Corn Meal Container). We wrapped black paper around it and used a white correction pen to write "Pot of Gold" on the front.  For the top we cut the center out of the lid and then cut a circle the same size of the lid out of yellow felt.  We put the lid on and placed the felt on the top. Then of course we added some "Lucky Charms" bait.

When we woke-up that morning and checked the trap, there was no leprechaun to be found. They are so tricky you know. Well, he must have jumped right out, but as he was making a get away he left a trail of crumbs and dropped some of his coins with riddles, leading to some of his treasure.

We solved the riddles and look at the treasure he left behind. Not quite a pot of gold, but we're not complaining!

Below is a free printable for the coin/riddle treasure hunt.
Printing Tip: Click on the image and save it to your computer. You can then print the image from your computer.

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