Relief Society, Pursuit of Excellence: Freely forgiving others and Learning to repent daily

Last time I posted about the Pursuit of Excellence the goal to work on was Develop healthy eating habits and patterns.  I hope everyone has been working on their goal.  Here is the link to the Pursuit of Excellence pamphlet

This week's Goal is:

Freely forgiving others and Learning to repent daily.

So, these are actually two separate goals in the Pursuit of Excellence program.  I think that they can go hand in hand.  I chose these two goals, because they are very important and close to my heart.  I recently, went through a situation where my husband was upset and I was hurt, I didn't know to bring the harmony back.  Then, I did a Family Home Evening on Showing Love, Appreciation and Respect to Family Members and Building a Happy Family.  In putting the Family Home Evening together I was impressed by the page on titled, "Happiness in Family".

One of the sections is: Repentance and here is what one of the quotes on the page says, "I recall listening at length to a couple who sat across the desk from me. There was bitterness between them. I know that at one time their love was deep and true. But each had developed a habit of speaking of the faults of the other. Unwilling to forgive the kind of mistakes we all make, and unwilling to forget them and live above them with forbearance, they had carped at one another until the love they once knew had been smothered. It had turned to ashes with the decree of a so-called ‘no-fault’ divorce. Now there is only loneliness and recrimination. I am satisfied that had there been even a small measure of repentance and forgiveness, they would still be together, enjoying the companionship that had so richly blessed their earlier years.” (“Of You It Is Required to Forgive” by Gordon B. Hinckley) As I thought about this, I came to the understanding that I needed to use the atonement and truly repent of my own faults. That meant that I had to acknowledge what I might have done to upset my husband and then follow the remaining steps in the repentance process. Then came the next part...

Learning how to freely forgive others.  The main headline on the Forgiveness page says, "Knowing how imperfect we are, surely we can extend healing forgiveness to those we love. Jesus said, “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men” (D&C 64:10). Comfort and sweet peace will live in our homes when we forgive each other freely."  I came to the understanding that I am required to forgive freely, meaning even if someone does not ask for my forgiveness, I am still required to give it.  I can testify of the "comfort and sweet peace" that comes from this. 

When I focused on my own faults and was able to freely forgive my husband of his, I felt my Heavenly Father's love.  I knew that I did my part and that everything would be okay. I was truly at peace and the situation seemed to resolve.  I became closer with my Heavenly Father and my relationship with my husband was strengthened.

I usually do not give such personal information, but I feel that the topics of Repentance and Forgiveness are so important in every relationship, whether it be in the family, with neighbors, or fellow church members.  When we become more focused on our own faults and seeking daily to repent of them and then freely forgiving others of their faults, our lives will be blessed. We will be released from the entrapment of bitterness, helplessness and sorrow. We will feel peace and the unconditional love of our Father in Heaven. 

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  1. In one part of your story, there is a story about a couple who killed their love with pretensions and mutual dislike. How important it is in a relationship to talk to each other. Relationships are constant work on yourself and on interacting with loved ones. A good relationship cannot last forever if you don't work on it. You should talk about what bothers you, only in this case you can maintain a trusting and normal relationship with your spouse. Believe me, it is very easy to file for divorce, for this there are now many online services or lawyer directories (for example, But it's much more difficult and more fruitful to listen to the wishes and words of the partner so as not to spoil the relationship with him.


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