Pursuit of Excellence: Journal & Go Bag Items: Water & Food

 Last week the goal I had posted to work on was Read a book that will increase your faith and strengthen you spiritually. I am so grateful that there are such good books out there that can help us grow spiritually!  Here is the link to the Pursuit of Excellence pamphlet

This week's Goal is:

Record memorable spiritual experiences or events in a journal.

What a marvelous record we have in the scriptures of those people who have recorded memorable spiritual experiences.  When we write things down they are their for us to go back to and to remind us of the feelings we felt.  They are also their for future generations and can help others with their spiritual growth. I need to get better at this, that is why I am setting it as one of my goals. I have kept journals since I basically could write. I enjoy going back and reading the things I wrote in them.  It is funny to read the things that were such a big deal in my life at the time.  The excuse for not writing more consistantly recently is, time. It is something that I am just going to have to make the time to do.

Here is a link to some journal labels that you can use on a composition book, to make your own personalized journal.

Being Prepared!

Let's review what we have gathered for our bags already:
Obtain a bag to put the items in, backpacks work great.
Gather Personal Identification Information
Change of Clothing
A Comfort Bag

Let's add to the bag this week, by adding:
o Bottle of Water & Granola Bars

- These items should be replaced every 6 months.  A great tip is when you are going through your food storage and 72 hour kit and rotating things, rotate things in your Go Bag also.

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