Sharing Time December 2013: Week 2: Jesus Christ Will Come To Earth Again.

These weeks sharing time focus will be on the Second coming.

Begin by showing a picture of Christ's birth here is a link to the picture here.  Explain that Jesus came to earth as a baby. He was the perfect example to us here on Earth. He suffered for each one of us and was crucified and died for us.  Then he was resurrected, so we could live with him in Heaven someday.  Someday he will come to Earth again.  We know this as the Second Coming.  Show a picture of Jesus here is the link.  Explain that we know that he will come again because the scriptures tells us so.  Tell the children that they are going to play a matching game.

On the board place the cards from the below printable with words facing the board.  Have a child come up and choose two cards.  If they are a match then read the scripture and talk about what it says about the second coming.  If it does not match then turn the back over and have another child come up and choose two cards. Continue until all cards have been matched.

Bear your testimony about Jesus coming to Earth again someday.

Free Printable Match Game

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