Christmas Crafts: Christmas Countdown Trees

I am so excited to post some Christmas crafts.  The one I chose to post about today is what I did with my boys the other night for family night.  It is our Christmas Countdown Trees.  Each boy has their own full of yummy candy ornaments.

I saw the trees when I was at the dollar store and it reminded me of something we had that was similar when I was little. The one I had when I was little was a little foam tree that had red tinsel wrapped around it. It then had usually taffy and peppermint hard candies pinned to it. These trees are actually a wire form that has the tinsel stringed around and through it. We secured the candies to the trees with red yarn.  I found the easiest way was to string the yarn through first and then tie it around the candy into a bowl. The boys get to take one off each day.  Their final one will be on Christmas.  This was one of my favorite countdowns when I was little.  And the boys seem to be enjoying it also.

***My younger two had a hard time doing it themselves.  But my 9 year old was able to do his, his is the one on the right***

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  1. Love this idea, love that they have their individual countdown tree/treat!!!


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