December Sharing Time Week #4: I have a testimony that I am a Child of God.

Prep work before Sharing Time:
- First, use the below printable and cut the word testimony off of the bottom.
- Gather pictures with Jesus with children and a large mirror.
- Get music for "I am a Child of God" or arrange for the pianist to play the song.

Sharing Time:
Place the poster "I have a______" on the board.  Tell the children that you would like to guess a word.  Giver the following clues:

- It is something that we have.
- We get this from the Holy Ghost
- It makes us feel warm and happy inside
- It can help us to make the right choices
- We can share this with others, in primary, family home evening or testimony meeting.
(clues and idea are from the 2013 sharing time outline)

When they guess the word, stick the word strip "Testimony" onto the poster.

Explain to the primary children that each of them can have their own personal testimony that they are a child of God.

Before hand place pictures of Christ with children around the room and end with a big mirror.  As the song "I am a Child of God" is playing have the children walk in a single file line by class around the room looking at the pictures.  Have them each pause for a moment in front of the mirror.  Have a member of the presidency there that says to them "(insert their name), you are a Child of God".  Then have them each sit down.  Ask them to sit quietly and listen to the song until all of the primary children and teachers have had a chance to see all of the pictures.  Ask the children how they felt inside as they were listening to the song, ask them how they felt as they looked at the pictures of Jesus with the children, ask them how they felt as they looked at them selves in the mirror and were told they are a child of God.  Explain to them that those warm, happy, good feelings are the Holy Ghost testifying that they are children of God.  Bear your testimony and if time allows, invite those primary teachers and children who would like to stand and bear their testimony to do so.


  1. Thanks, I loved this idea! I don't know if you ever have, but you should post a link to your blog on Sugardoodle. That's where I go to find people's ideas for sharing time. You just find the week of sharing time and post it there. I googled the theme and found you that way. Thanks!


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