Thrifty Thursday - Making do...

Have you ever heard the sang, "Make do, or do with out"?  It seems like at times something that is perfectly good gets tossed aside because we think we need want something better. I think that what we don't realize is that we can make the original thing we have better, we can make do with it.  I have not tried this but I love this idea.

Make your door knobs and fixtures bronzed.  All it takes is some sand paper, spray paint and a little elbow grease.  A lot cheaper then paying for all new door knobs. Here are a couple great tutorials.

After DIY Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knob

This picture and a great tutorial is from Judy at Cleaning Junkie.  Click here for the tutorial.

Here is another tutorial from Carefree Blonde, click Here to view. This tutorial shows that she did it to a towel rod also.

I would love to try this out on my bathroom facets.

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