My Saturday Workout Day 6

Today's workout was a good one!  Here's what I did:

38 minutes of cardio: Beach Bosy Insanity Pure Cardio by Shaun T

19 minutes of abs: Beach Body Brazil Butt Lift Tummy Tuck

About 15 minutes of Leg Toning: Beach Body Brazil Butt Lift High and Tight floor with weights, but I didn't use the ankle weights today

Insanity is always a great cardio workout the push-up jacks at the end are a killer.  Tummy Tuck, is amazing. It is longer than most ab routines I do.  It definitely works the abs.

I didn't use the weights today on the floor routine because it was my first time doing it in a while.  I think you can get an amazing workout without the weights, especially if you control your movements and tighten and resist.

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