Wisdom Wednesday - Chocolate Covered Sugar Cookies

I had a box mix for sugar cookies that had to be used up and the kids were really wanting a treat.  So last night I made some sugar cookies.  The first batch I rolled in some sprinkles and flattened out into circles. They were pretty good.  The next couple of batches I rolled the dough out and cut with some cookie cutters. And baked them.  I then warmed some white chocolate chips up in the microwave. Tip: add a little olive oil to white chocolate to make it easier to dip.  I then dipped the tops of the cookies into white chocolate and sprinkled with some sugar sprinkles, then put them in the fridge to set up. For the next batch of cookies I warmed up some caramel bits. I just used the directions on the back for dipping caramel apples. I then dipped the top of the cookies into the caramel put them on some wax paper and put them in the fridge to set up.  I then warmed up some yummy milk chocolate chips in the microwave. I took the cookies that had been dipped in the caramel and then I dipped them into the milk chocolate. Put them back on the wax paper and into the fridge to set up.  They are so yummy!!  Enjoy!!

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