Thrifty Thursday - Gardening Tip

So, today's Thrifty Thursday is going to be a gardening tip.  We started putting in our yard last year and with it came the excitement of buying flowers.  My tip is perennials are amazing and so cost effective.  They come back year after year, if they don't get winter damage.  My next tip is to check out the clearance section, don't buy anything that looks dead, but a lot of times thy will have things that have stopped blooming that you can get for half the price.  That is how I bought my roses, some of my bushes and some of my perennials.  Most of them have come back and look wonderful this year.  Next tip is to ask around and see if anyone has any flowers they need to split.  That is how I got my Lillies, daisies and some of my ground cover.  So that is the best, it's free!  I have actually even split some of them this year, off of my own.  Happy Gardening!

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