Fabulous Find Friday - Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Well, time is winding down, Father's day is in a couple days.  Here are some fun and easy ideas for Father's Day:

I found this cute candy bar covers over at Then She Made....  I love these, they are made from envelopes!  They are so cute and so easy. They would be a great gift to give grandpa's too.

I love the Reese's Pieces idea. I found this one over at Creatively Christy. I like the little tie, it just adds a little something special.

Cute idea if you have a dad or grandpa who likes to fish! I found this over at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.  This would be perfect for my dad.  Or instead of a tackle box, you could use the same idea, but make a tool box and place some kind of little tools that daddy's need to be daddy inside.

These are cute!  I love the antique look they have and aren't pictures just so precious.   We love looking at them and remembering the memories.  I found these blocks over at Storiesbymeblog. I helped my sister-in-law make something similar, where we turned the pictures sephia and mod podged them on to blocks to give to my mom for Mother's Day.  They turned out great and she loves them.

There are so many cute things out there that I could sit here all day.  But duties of being a mom and wife call, so I'll stop here. Happy Father's day to all of the wonderful dad's and grandpa's out there!!

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