Wisdom Wednesday- Teacher Appreciation Gift

Here is what I did this year for the gift to my kids wonderful teachers:

This is such an easy craft!

What you need:
Medium sized plastic cup (I purchased mine in a four pack at Walmart for $1)
Bag of candy (I was making these for two teachers, so I purchased a bag of kisses and a bag of hugs and mixed them together and split them between the two)
Craft Paper for Flower
Craft Paper for leaves
Green Pipe cleaner
Hot glue and glue gun
Easter grass
Flower cookie cutter optional

How to put it all together:
I put a little bit of Easter grass in the bottom of the cup then filled the cup the rest of the way with the candy. Then it was time to make the flowers.  I am thinking that I may have to do a tutorial for these flowers.  You could really use any kind of flowers that you know how to make. I'll do a tutorial for the leaves too.
Once you get the flowers and the leaves made then it is time to assemble.  I took one pipe cleaner, bent it in half and twisted it together.  Then I glued the flower onto it, then the leaves.  Then I tied the ribbon up close to the leaves.  You could use tulle too.  Next, you place the pipe cleaner into the candy and put the rest of the Easter grass on top of the candy.
Now tie a coordinating ribbon around the cup.  I used some double sided sticky tape on the back to hold the ribbon in place, so it wouldn't slide down.

Optional:  I put some cellophane around it and tied it with a bow, made a card and had my kids color and write on the inside for their teachers. 

Here is the Card:

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  1. Really cute idea--perfect for end of the year gifts! Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

    Planting Daffodils


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