Take Care Tuesday- Sleep


Sleep is so important, I am finding that out more and more.  I am more of a night owl and not so much a morning person.  I have decided I definitely need to start getting to bed earlier.  My problem is that after I put the kids to bed then that little amount of time is kind of the only me time I get.  So, I use it to kind of wind down, finishing little projects, cleaning up the kitchen, folding some laundry while I watch a show.

Here are some things I am going to try to get to bed a little bit sooner so I can get at least the 8 hrs of sleep that I so need, so I can function throughout the day.

- Get ready for bed while the kids are. Then I won't have to worry about that later.  That is one of the things I kind of procrastinate doing.

- Set a bed time for myself.

- Try  to get some of the clothes folding and kitchen cleaning done during the day.

- Maybe try to put the kids to bed a little earlier, ya right, don't know if they'll go for that one.

Let me know any tips you have on getting enough sleep....

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