Wisdom Wednesday-Cakes

I thought I'd post some cakes I've made.  I love doing cakes for my kids birthdays and they love it too! They love picking out what kind of theme they want the cake to be.  Once again, not an expert just something I enjoy.

 These were just some quick cupcakes made for my mom's 50th Birthday!  Gummy Bear flowers for the grandkids.

 Fish Cake with dirt & worm cupcakes.  I actually made a square cake and cut out the fish shape from it.

 More cupcakes with a truck theme.

 Bakugan cake.  He wanted lava and the little brown things are cake ball eggs.

 Tractor cake.

 4-wheeler cake.  This one is layered with chocolate pudding in the middle.

 Dino and life saver gummy cupcakes.

 Lego cake.  The round things are half marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

 Found these fun car marshmallows and had to use them.

Oh these poor frogs were not working as well!  I had made them once before and they turned out a lot better then. The other time I did them with green frosting and I think they looked better.

 Fish cake.  This one was fun to make.  I will have to do a tutorial later of how to do the fish.

This was one of my first cakes.  

 Ninja Turtle cake.  I loved how this one turned out!

Kung Fu Panda.  This one was a fun one too!

Please let me know if there are any of these cakes you would like directions on how I did. 

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