Thrifty Thursday- Make-up

I am going to let you in on a huge secret, I don't spend a lot on skin care and make-up.  What I mean is I go for the store brand skin care and for the make-up I look for the deals.  I get my skin care at Walmart.  For Skin cleansing I love:

 St. Ives Timeless skin.  It makes my skin so much smoother and clear. It also exfoliates your skin. I use this at night.

 I use Equate Firming Cream at night after I wash my Face with the St. Ives.

I use Equate Anti-Wrinkle Cream in the morning after I wipe my face with a cleansing wipe (I buy the cleansing wipes from dollar tree).  I love that it has sunscreen in it.  

So for my make-up I go cheap too, I don't notice too much difference with the stay of the make-up and it doesn't irritate my skin at all.  Everybody's skin is different though.

I buy my foundation from Walmart or Rite Aid, which ever is cheaper.  I just buy the NYC brand.  My powder I either buy their or sometimes Dollar Tree will have one that matches my skin color.  I also try to buy my eye shadow from Dollar Tree.  I think you can not spend a lot on your make-up and still have it look great. I think the key is making sure your colors match your skin tone and knowing how to apply the make-up correctly.  What colors go good together and what colors go with your coloring.

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