Mommy Mondays

Motherhood effects everyone in someway.  Everybody either, has a mother, is a mother or knows a mother. So, I thought it would be fun to have a day a week dedicated to Moms.  Being a mom myself, I can say it is both the greatest and the most difficult thing.  The greatest is when you see your little baby for the first time, and every time they have an accomplishment, the first time they say "Mom" and every time they say, "I love you."  The most difficult is that every child is different.  They all have their own personalities and as much as we would like we can not make them follow everything we try to teach them. They make mistakes, they disobey and at times we wonder if they are even listening at all. It is a divine responsibility.  These precious children are sent to us to watch over, to teach, and to help a long the path.

I know I have also gained a greater appreciation for my mom.  I look at her example as guidance.  I look back to when I was little and the things she did with us and for us.  And I think it helps me try to be a better mom.

A while ago for Mother's day I wrote this poem and gave it to both my mom & my mother-in-law.  

As Mother's day is approaching I have been looking for some creative gifts.  Here are a few (click on the links and it will take you back to their pages):

Love these Key Chains!

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