Fabulous Finds Friday- Teacher Appreciation Door Signs

So I missed posting yesterday, because I have been super busy making the door decorations for Teacher Appreciation week.  I think I was a little ambitious.  I signed up to do two classrooms.  After about 9 hours and a couple glitches, here are the end products.

 This poor teacher's door is broken and will not stay open, so it was kind of a chore to get it hung up.  Plus I hadn't accounted for the hinge at the top of the door.  So there were some slight modifications that had to be made. Like moving of the sign.  It all worked out though.
Here again I didn't account for the hinge, so some cars had to be moved.  Let's just hope it all stays put, until Monday.

Here are some other fun finds:

This is home made fondant. To get the instructions visit this link How She Does?  I really want to try this.  I learned a little bit about fondant once, but have never really used it.  Hmm.. maybe Mother's day...

What a cute Mother's day gift.  I think maybe I might try it for Grandmas.  I found this at An Interesting Mix.
She also has a cute questioner  I found one on another site, that we might modifying a bit and having our kiddos at church do for their Mom's.  Love to here the kids answers some of them are so funny, so some are super sweet!

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