Mommy Monday-A day late-no yelling challenge

While I was off having fun with my kiddos and being a mommy I forgot to post for Mommy Monday.  So, I thought I'd post today.  Better late then never right? I recently came upon a site it is called, The Orange Rhino Challenge.  This mom is amazing.  I think she is extremely brave.  She is a stay at home mom of four boys, who decided that she yells too much. So, she started a blog of 365 days of no yelling.  I have viewed parts of her site, she is very open, she has great tips and incites. As I have spoke with several other mother's I have come to the assumption that we all feel like we yell to much.  I notice that as I yell then my children pick up on it and yell at each other and me.  The house gets louder and it is just not a relaxing place to be.  So, what an awesome idea to create a challenge of no yelling.  I think when we challenge ourselves in a specific way then we focus more on that thing.  We become more aware of what we are doing.  So, I am going to challenge myself not to yell, but not only that, but also to speak and think more kindly.  Our thoughts become our actions, so it only makes sense to include thinking kindly in my challenge too.  If you feel like you yell too often and want to be calmer take the challenge.  I'd love the hear about your efforts too.  The Orange Rhino has some great tips to help you along your challenge. Here's a link to The Orange Rhino.

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