Quick last minute Valentine's Gift or Early Start for Mother's Day

This was a quick gift we put together for my sons teacher.

  • container (I used a washed glass yeast container)
  • beans
  • popsicle sticks
  • garbage ties
  • ribbon
  • tissues
  • muffin papers
  • double sided tape
  • water color paint
  • suckers
  • Foam
  • stickers
First we decorated the container with heart stickers. Next, tie your ribbon around the top. Then, pour some beans in the container.  Next, we made our flowers.

For the tissue flower I used one tissue and folded it in half then half again. I cut all the edges so there were no folds, then I gathered it and secured it in the middle with the tie.  Next, start separating the tissues forming it into a white carnation. To secure it onto the popsicle stick I just wrapped the tie around the stick until it was secure.  You could also hot glue.  Then I just painted the tips of the edges red with water colors. 

For the muffin paper flower:  I used a yellow, a white and a pink.  I folded the yellow in half and cut off the whole middle part (the part without the crimping) and a little bit of the crimping.  Then I double sided taped it to the stick and loosely wrapped it around and secured with tape.  The white, fold in half and cut out the middle. Secure it with tap onto the yellow and loosely wrap, secure with tape at the end.  The pink, fold in half and cut out a little bit if the middle.  Then I also cut on the folds, so there were two pieces, I secured wit tape onto the white and wrapped around. 

Next place your flowers into the container. Add you pick or tag (mine was this laddy bug book mark made from a foam kit) the insert the suckers along the base.

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  1. Way cute you are so talented and have an eye for really cute ideas.


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