Cutest little boy bed!

So, I just had to show off my little boy's new bedspread. It was made by my mom, I must say she is very talented and did a fabulous job. We have found that if you need to purchase a lot of material, such as for bedspreads, the most inexpensive way is to by sheets. We usually just purchase the flat sheets from Walmart. You get a ton of material for your money. The front of the bed spread was made from a brown flat sheet, muslin and spraps for the cute bears and trees. The reverse side was an off white sheet with some pladish lines in it. She also used the shapes of the bears and trees to quilt the beadspread, so cute! I love the cute little deco pillow made to match! She even made the sheets for the bed.

1 comment:

  1. It looks so good. I'm glad you took a picture I didn't get one before I sent it. Love ya


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