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Posted for November 2009:
This month I am going to focus on giving to thrift stores. When you give of your stuff to thrift stores it goes a long way. You are helping to provide jobs to those in need. The items you donate are sold at low prices. At the Deseret Industries it goes even further, merchandice can be purchased by the public at low costs and for those who are in need, it is offered at no cost. By donating items to be reused you are also keeping stuff out of the land fills. I have a friend who spoke to her children before Christmas one year and asked them to go through their toys and pick out some toys that they could give to the Deseret Industries. She told them that there were other children out there that would like a Christmas too, and by giving of their toys it would make it possible for their moms and dads to be able to afford toys for their children. What an amazing lesson to teach your children. So go through your house and look for stuff you just don't use anymore and take it into your local thrift store.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Desert Industries


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