Crayon Holder Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make this crayon holder.

First gather your supplies:

  • Plastic canvas
  • Yarn
  • Large needle (hole needs to be big enough to fit yarn through)
  • Velcro
  • Embellishment for front
First Step:
Cut all pieces out from plastic canvas.

Step Two: Trim off all of the excess from all pieces.

Step Three: Sew the inside box together. Start by sewing the sides onto the bottom, then sew the sides together and finish off the edges.

Step Four: Put your embelishments on the top piece of the outside box.  This could be anything, you could sew a design on with yarn, sew the child's name, or sew on or glue on an embelishment. The puppy one is a felt puppy I cut out and hand sewed around, then I glued him on.  The flower is a silk flower that took the center out of and hand sewed a button on and sewed it onto the top.

Step Five: Sew the handle onto the one of the long side pieces.

Step Six: Sew the outside box together.  Start by sewing the three sides onto the bottom, then sew the sides together and sew the top onto all of the sides.  tip (make sure that the handle is at the top)

Step Seven: Sew the flap on so the velcro will close onto the back of the box. Hand sew the velcro onto the flap and onto the back (I used two strands of white thread). Finish off all of the edges and trim any loose strands.

Step Eight: Place crayons or a box of chalk inside, fasten and give it to a lucky kid!

* Crayon boxes have been around a long time. I have know idea of who originally came up with them.  This one has been customized by me and my mom.  She came up with the flap closure, which is great because the crayons don't slide out.  *


  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I can't wait to try this!

  2. This reminds me so much of a pencil box my great aunt made for me back in the day. Love the dog embellishment!


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