Having a Positive Attitude

My Nana (grandma) once said, "Smile, it will make people wonder what you have been doing." This little quote has stuck with me throughout my life. When we smile and have a good attitude about things, people notice and have positive feelings about you. I also think of the words in the primary song, "If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay. Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away."

In this world today there is so much negativity surrounding us, which makes it so hard sometimes to see the good. There are so many stresses that we have to deal with and it seems that if you turn the news on or read the newspaper there is so much wrong in the world. I think of Christ saying in D&C 50:41 "Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world..." Christ gives us hope, that like him we can overcome the negativitiy of the world. One way to be more possitive in our lives is to focus on all of our blessings. If we sit down and really "Count our Blessings" like the hymn says, then we well really realize that life isn't quite so bad.

Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down. We are too hard on ourselves! I know that at times I feel like I fall short in many areas. The house might not get as clean as I like or the dinner I fix turns out not to be so good or I get upset with my children, whatever it might be. I think that we need to reallize that we are not alone, everyone has the feelings of inadequacy at times. It is great speaking with other mothers and women who are going through the exact things that I am. That we are all trying our best and that there are going to be days where the "bread just simply won't rise".

Here are some simple tips to help us remember the, good in life:
-Make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful for
-Remember when saying your prayers to think of all those things that our Heavenly Father has given us and done for us and express grattitude.
-Do something for someone who is lacking.
-Do away with gossipping and fault finding, in self and others (just try it for a day, it gets easier)
-Write down 4 strengths you have and focus on them.
-Seek opportunities to learn and grow.
-Remember what is really important (What we can take with us in the next life)

I remember as a young women I would stand each sunday and repeat the young women theme in it, it said the young women values, two of those are: Divine Nature- "Being a spirit daughter of Divine parents" and Individual Worth- "We are children of God and we are all important". I think that we need to remember those values and still stand for them!

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  1. The Women's general conf. also went right along with what you are saying. I loved how it was stressed that we are our own worst judge and how we need to not be so judgmentle of our selves. We need to remember that the Lord is always there for us and be more positive with the things we do. Kim I Love you so much and you have it together more then you know. Keep having Faith in the Lord and he will guide you and direct you in all you do.


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