Editable Newsletter for March Great for Wards, Stakes and Presidencies!!

Editable Newsletter for March: Great for Wards, Stakes and Presidencies!!

One thing that I have always believed to be super important is, communication! Newsletters are a great way to keep everyone informed of what is going on, whether it be a ward, a stake, or an organization within either of those. I have learned that a group is more united when the know what is going on. It also gives leadership an opportunity to express their gratitude and provide instruction.

This newsletter would also work great for school groups or even if you want to send out a monthly family newsletter!

I decided to offer the newsletter in two editable formats. The first is an editable pdf. Just click the free pdf download and then download it to you computer, open it up and you will be able to edit the text boxes. Why use this option? It is quick and easy and you do not have to have photo editing software. The only downside is that you have to use the designated fonts and font sizes. But it's easy, just open it up, click the boxes to type what you want and then save to your computer. Side note... I did notice when I got a new computer, it didn't automatically open up to an editable pdf on my PC. After I clicked the free download I had to click "open with", I opened it with DocHub (just sign in through your Google Acct) it works great! This only happened with my new PC. For the editable PDF version click the free download button below.

The other editable format is a jpeg image. For this option you will need to use photo editing software. Such as photoshop, pic monkey, canva or what I use is paint.net. You will click the free download below, then in the upper right hand corner click the download button. This will save it to your computer, usually under downloads. You will then be able to open it up into your photo editing software. Then you can add text in the boxes. What is great about this option is that you can use whatever font you would like. The downside, is it is not as easy, unless you are comfortable with photo editing software. For this version click the free download button below.

Above is an example of what a newsletter and how it is formatted.

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