Come, Follow Me Lesson Worksheet: The Book of Mormon is the Keystone of Our Religion

Come, Follow Me Lesson Worksheet: The Book of Mormon is the Keystone of Our Religion,

So, I know that this is a super late post, but I just had to share it! My hubby teaches a youth Sunday School class and I often help him when he teaches. He just told me yesterday that he would be teaching tomorrow. So, I quickly put this worksheet together for the class.

Yesterday, when I was doing my individual study, I came upon this lesson, that we are using for the outline for tomorrow lesson.  I thought I would share it and the worksheet, in case someone needs some last minute help for their lesson, or if you are planning on doing a family lesson tomorrow, this would work great too!!

Here is the link to the outline that we will be using for our lesson:

The worksheet correlates really well with the outline of the lesson, that should lead to some great discussion. What I like to do during lessons is to have the class members write things down on paper and then discuss it. It helps in the discussion after they have been able to think a bit and put their thoughts into words.

I did add the section about their own testimony. Because I do really want the class as well as my own family to know how important it is for them to gain their own testimony of the Book of Mormon!

To download and print the worksheet please click the download button below.

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