Two Floral Wreath Prints With Inspirational Quotes,

I've taken up a new hobby of creating digital watercolor wreaths. I love making them and putting them with inspirational quotes!! 

Everyday for my Come, Follow Me Individual study I look up articles about the topics we've discussed as a family.  From those articles I find quotes that stand out to me, that I can share with others. I find that this helps me feel the spirit and internalize the doctrine and principles we are learning. 

I've decided to offer a couple of them on here as printable downloads. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I've enjoyed creating them. 

Here are the thoughts I shared on Instagram for this one: 

Do you ever just get overwhelmed or consumed by just the everyday busyness of life?? It’s not even that we are choosing unrighteous things, it’s good things, but sometimes those good things, can help us forget or not have time for the most important things. Those things that have eternal effects. In the Come, Follow Me study today we talked about faith and our testimonies. They need to be nurtured to continue to grow. I stumbled upon this great talk by Neal A Maxwell. I love that he talk of 4 things that can help us strengthen our faith. I love that serving is listed first!! Why do we serve? We serve because we love God and we love his children, as we serve that love increases!! Studying, has a powerful effect on strengthening our testimonies, because as we invite the spirit, he can testify to us the truths in which we study! Praying, this one is extra special, because it is how we communicate with our Father!! A heartfelt prayer can help us feel of God’s love. The fourth thing listed is worshiping. Tonight, as my kids listed ways to grow our faith, we discussed how we can go through the motions of these things and not grow our faith. Our faith is strengthened and increased with sincerity and desire. I often tell me kids, that we will get out of things what we put into them. So as we go to sacrament meeting do we come ready and willing to be taught by the spirit, or are we just going through the motions of being there? I know of the great love our Father has for us, He is so patient with us and wants to bless us, we just need to do those simple things with a sincere heart ♥️ Here’s that great talk:

Here is what I shared on Instagram: 

Tomorrow, at my kiddos schools we are focusing on Unity Day, which stands for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Isn’t this exactly what our Father asks of us? In my life I’ve found that the most important thing, when I serve or teach is to have love for those I am serving or teaching. Love brings more sincerity to our actions and words. As I was talking to some students today about starting things off tomorrow with doing acts of kindness themselves, we discussed that kindness can be just even simple things. Such as a smile, opening the door for someone, sending a nice text to someone that comes to mind, saying thank you to a teacher, sitting by someone new at lunch, etc. Really, it is just being mindful of those around us. I really hope that they make it not just a one day thing. But rather they see the light and joy that it brings to their lives and the lives around them and that they have a desire to have that light and joy constantly in their lives!! We can ask ourselves each and every day, is someone’s day just even a little bit better because of our actions of words? ♥️♥️ Here’s a great article:

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