April 2019 Come, Follow Me Sunday School Study Reminders

April 2019 Come, Follow Me Sunday School Study Reminders,

I've heard from several Sunday School teachers how they are concerned that not much will change and that their class members will not do their studying.  Sometimes, it just takes a little reminder!!

I went through and made these images, that can be texted out to your class members. It's a great way to remind them what they should be studying as well as giving them something to ponder over throughout the week. I've found that this is a wonderful method, that leads to better discussion. It really only takes a minute to send out the text!

The images are perfectly sized to be a screen saver on a phone also and can easily be shared on social media! To download, click on the image you would like to download below.  Click the download button and save it to your phone or computer. From there you will be able to insert the image into a text or use it on social media. 

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