Young Women Value Bracelets, Perfect gift for the New Beehives: New Beginnings

Young Women Value Bracelets, Perfect gift for the New Beehives: New Beginnings,

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Up until a few months ago, my calling was to serve with the Beehives in our ward! What an amazing calling!! I loved going to meet with them as they were turning twelve and see their excitement. I loved sitting in class and listening to their amazing testimonies and insights! 

New Beginnings is such a fun activity, to welcome in those new Beehives and to focus on the Young Women program!

Each year we do a questionnaire, where we ask the New Beehives some questions (see free download below). We also like to give them a little gift. Last year, I made these value bracelets for them, they were so easy and fit out budget!

Supplies needed:

  • Clear Stretch Cord .8mm thick
  • Gold Glass E-Beads
  • Little Value Color Beads
All of these supplies I purchased at Walmart. 

I actually put this one together and it ended up too big, so you will need to play with it, depending on what beads you get, to figure out the perfect size.

For the beads I used, the perfect combination was three of the gold beads, then one of the value color beads. I did it in the order of the value colors: White (Faith), Red (Divine Nature), Blue (Individual Worth), Green (Knowledge), Orange (Choice and Accountability), Yellow (Good Works), Purple (Integrity), Gold (Virtue)- These ones are the three glass e-beads.

To give it the Young Women, I print out these cards with the Young Women Theme and tied the bracelets on with some string. We placed them into plastic bags. I can't believe I didn't get a picture!!

The girls loved them! I also, thought I'd share a little bonus of what our New Beginnings looked like...

The Large Picture of Christ and Temple Pictures are both engineering prints, that we actually reused from another activity. Flowers we borrowed from a wedding. Streamers were supper easy, just crepe paper!

I used a picture off of, turned it black and white and printed them, we bought frames from the dollar store. These made for beautiful decorations, but also were our gifts to each of our Young Women.

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