2018 LDS Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Outline, Covers, Invites, Tips and More: I AM A CHILD OF GOD

2018 LDS Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Outline, Cover, Invites, Tips and More...

It is that time of year again! The time when the primary presidency frantically puts together a program, the chorister practices the sames songs over and over with the kids, and everyone wonders how it will ever be pulled off. I have a little SECRET!  When those primary kids get up there in front of their parents and bear their testimonies through music and song, it will be pulled off! The Spirit will be felt :) 

A couple years back, I shared some tips for this crazy, exciting time of year! I share a condensed version here, but to see the full description click this link: 2015 Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Ideas, free printable program cover: I Know My Savior Lives

Tips and Tricks to Pulling off a Primary Sacrament Meeting Program:

Tip 1: The key thing to remember is that it is the "Primary Children's" program, not the Primary Presidency's program. Rather it is an opportunity for the primary children to share what they have learned throughout the year including their testimonies in both word and song. 

Tip 2: Let the children participate in helping to write their own parts.

Tip 3: Coordinate with the Primary Chorister when writing the program. MUSIC brings the Spirit into the program!! Work together in preparing the primary children for the program.

Tip 4: More About Music: When preparing make it fun!

Tip 5: Hand the parts to the parents and FOLLOW-up!

Tip 6: Make a seating chart, print it out for all adult leaders.

Tip 7: Organization and Flow!! I have found inviting the primary teachers to lead their class up and participate by reading a scripture, helps in the flow of the program.

Tip 8: Practice, but don't over practice. Sample (1st week show children where they will sit, run through the flow of the program. Where they will walk to get to the pulpit and sitting back down. Run through the songs. 2nd and 3rd week- Run through the whole program. I don't think any more practices are needed then those 3)
Tip 9: Do not get discouraged! It is my experience that even if the practices go horribly, the primary program will be amazing! There is just something about those little kiddos sharing their testimonies in song and word that brings the spirit to the meeting!

Bonus Tips: Make a copy of the program for each adult leader. This will help them to know when to help kids go up. It is also important for the teachers to know the songs too!! Their example to the kids is so important, they can help get the kids singing.

Here are some additional helps for the program:

Sacrament Meeting Program Cover:

Free Black and White Download 

Children's Portrait Program Cover
(Sometimes Presidencies like the primary children to color and personalize the programs. Here is an option where the primary children could color a picture of themselves or a way that they know that they are a child of God.)

Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Invitation

If you want to send out an invite for your Primary Program, here is an editable download. Click the download button and download the printable to your computer and then you can open it up in photo editing software like Paint.net or PicMonkey and input your Ward's name, date, place and time. This would especially be fun to give non-member friends and also grandmas and grandpas you'd like to come. 4 x 6 size so can easily be printed at your favorite photo center.

Ideas of what to list inside of the program:
We liked to list each topic, scripture, kids in order of participation as well as the songs. All in order. 

Sacrament Meeting Outline Free Download:

To download the full Primary Program Outline, please click the link below:
(Note: The file is view only, to make changes you will need to make a copy (you can highlight the whole document and copy it) and insert it into a new Google document. Or you can download it as an Open Doc or a docx & then reopen it into Google doc or Microsoft Word) Sorry if it is a little inconvenience, but with Google doc, if I was to make the file editable then any time someone edited it, it would change it for everyone. If you have any problems please feel free to send me an email)

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that these forms will be useful as you prepare your ward's Primary Sacrament Meeting Program! Feel free to leave me any questions or comments below or you can always send me an email at lifesjourneytoperfection@gmail.com.

Best wishes to you and your primary!!


  1. You are amazing!! I always use your sharing time tips, they are exactly what I feel is appropriate. Just got called as President with Program in a couple of weeks!! This is a lifesaver!! You truly are a blessing!!

  2. Congrats on your calling!! I'm so glad that the ideas are useful!! Best wishes with your program :)

  3. Another thing that we have done the last couple years is to have the older kids help with the younger ones. We have them sit with the younger kids and help them to know when it is their time to get up,and help them with their parts if needed. It gives the older ones a responsibility, helps them feel not "too old" for the program, and keeps them from chatting with each other as they are spaced out among the younger!

  4. Do you have anything for the 2019 Come Follow Me?

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