Social Media isn't all bad, Learning to Use Social Media and the Internet for Righteous Purposes

Below you will read, how we can learn to use social media and the internet for righteous purposes.

In December, I as asked by our bishopric to teach part of our 5th Sunday lesson, it would be taught to both the adults and youth of our ward. We have around 328 adults and youth in our ward, now they weren't all there. But there were enough that we had to separate into two large rooms. The time was split between me and our Young Men's president. We taught 20 minutes and then switched, to the other room, to teach the same lesson again. 

Serving the youth, I graciously accepted this assignment knowing the importance it is for the youth to understand that there are responsibilities and dangers involved with social media and the internet, but it can also be used for righteous purposes.

I am so passionate about this topic!! Social media truly can be had for evil purposes, but it most definitely was designed by our Heavenly Father for his purpose!! I have seen that purpose in action!!

Since giving the lesson, I have felt impressed to share it on the blog. A lot of times Social Media and the internet get a bad reputation. But really, it is just understanding their dangers, our responsibilities with using them and learning to use them to further our Heavenly Father's purpose!

Here is what I have learned from both study and experience and what I was able to teach our ward.

Click this link to visit the lesson I taught:

If you are local to Northern Utah and have an interest in me coming to do a fireside or come and talk to the youth with or without their parents on this topic, please send me an email to

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