Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for February 2018: Get to Know Her and Her Family

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for February 2018: 

Get to Know Her and Her Family
My Thoughts:

Last month, I shared an idea of a getting to you know questionnaire, I didn't know that, that would go perfectly with February's topic. So, if you didn't use it in January, it might be a great idea to do it in February.

I really love the focus of really getting to know our sisters. They are not just people we've been assigned by the Relief Society to go visit. They are truly our sister and hopefully will become our friends.

Do you and your sister you visit have something in common with each other?  Is there a skill that they have that you would love to have them share with you? Something I thought about doing is inviting my sisters over and learning a skill together.

What do we know about our sister's families? For those with young children why not have a play date. For those not with young children, how about a luncheon or a dinner to get to know each other?

I love to hear about my sisters's families and what they like to do together. Maybe have a visit where you discuss things they like to do with their families. Or even their favorite memories.

Love this quote, "Visiting teaching is about sincerely coming to know and love each sister so that we can help strengthen her faith and give service." (February 2018 Visiting Teaching, February Ensign)


If you'd like a little get to know you questionnaire  to give the sisters you visit, I made one up.

You could give it to them and have them fill it out, or you could just use the questions as prompts to talk about when you visit them. Or you could even send it to them in a text.

Another printable idea, since it is the month of Valentine's Day:

Attach this printable to anything HEART :)

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Really the most important thing is that your sisters know you care about them, that you are their friend :) If you'd like more Visiting Teaching Ideas follow my Visiting Teaching Pinterest Board

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