Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for January 2018: Keep In Touch with Her Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way (Getting to Know you Questionnaire)

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message Ideas for January 2018: 

Keep In Touch with Her Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way
My Thoughts:

I love that the focus in Visiting Teaching is on ministering to each other as sisters. As I have thought about this, my thoughts have turned to my Savior. He is the prime example of how to minister unto others.

He truly loved those who he served, he was never too busy. We too can follow our Savior's example and love those whom we visit. 

This month I thought it would be fun to get to know the sisters that we visit. So the sister I go with and I each brought something we enjoy. I brought a bottled water and a true lemon packet and she brought some delicious cookies and a recipe for them. 

I loved that as sisters we were able to get to know each other a little better. They learned I don't drink carbonation and love some flavored water. I learned that my companion loves to cook. And we both learned some great things about the sisters we visit, things they they enjoy to do.

Part of ministering is being a friend and getting to know each other. We really have so much to share with each other, talents, thoughts, abilities, etc!!

Oh and I love this quote from this month's message: "Making personal connections and listening with an attitude of love is the essence of visiting teaching."


If you'd like a little get to know you questionnaire  to give the sisters you visit, I made one up: (Since I am late getting this out... You can totally use this any of the other months)

You could give it to them and have them fill it out, or you could just use the questions as prompts to talk about when you visit them. Or you could even send it to them in a text.

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Really the most important thing is that your sisters know you care about them, that you are their friend :) If you'd like more Visiting Teaching Ideas follow my Visiting Teaching Pinterest Board

Here is the link to previous Visiting Teaching Posts


  1. Hi Kim, is it possible to get a pdf version of the getting to know you printable? I'd love to use it for a ministering Activity but i need to add a place for contact info.

    1. The printable is a jpeg, so if you would like to edit it, you can copy, save it and open it up into photo editing. You can also download it as a pdf. Let me know if you have any problems or questions. Thanks!


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